Welcome to The Model Railway Show
We’re the lively and fast-paced podcast dealing with topics of interest to the model railway community at large.
Our podcast episodes are professionally produced. And we keep them brief, so you can easily fit The Model Railway Show into your day.
Each episode will feature quick yet informative interviews with a couple of guests. We’ll talk to the hobby’s best-known enthusiasts, along with the hard workers and innovators who keep the exciting hobby of model railroading moving ahead.
Thanks for joining us at The Model Railway Show. We promise a lively, fun-filled, thought-provoking journey.

What’s on the show?
You’ll find out when you visit our Show Notes blog. The Show Notes are your episode guide. Each includes information on our guests and links to relevant online content.
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How do I listen?
If you have iTunes…
The easiest way, by far, is to subscribe to The Model Railway Show via iTunes. There’s no cost to do this, and new episodes will be automatically added to iTunes on your computer.
Find The Model Railway Show on iTunes.
If you do not have iTunes…
It’s possible to download episodes directly from our server, in mp3 or m4a formats. Instructions and links to shows can be found at the bottom of each episode’s entry on the Show Notes page.
You can bookmark the Show Notes page and check back regularly, or add the blog to your RSS feed reader and we’ll push episode guides straight to your computer.

What’s next?
We’ll keep you in the loop on news and developments via our news blog.
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You can bookmark the News page and check back often, or add the News blog to your RSS feed reader and we’ll push news straight to your computer.http://themodelrailwayshow.com/ShowNotes/http://themodelrailwayshow.com/ShowNotes/http://www.itunes.com/podcast?id=390164917http://themodelrailwayshow.com/ShowNotes/http://themodelrailwayshow.com/News/shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4

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